Hey, I’m Katie 

My Winter 2018 food obsessions are:

  • Grits

  • Poblano peppers

  • Cashew butter

  • Pears

  • Butternut squash soup

  • Nori wraps

  • Blackberries

  • Spicy chai

Eat the rainbow.

Fruits. Veggies. Herbs. Grains. Nuts.

My family-friendly recipes are vegetarian. I am vegetarian. My husband and daughter are omnivores. I'm pretty good at adapting meals for different dietary needs/preferences, and hope to share these tips with you!

Chronic illness (chronic myeloid leukemia)

I am learning to live with a chronic illness. I see a direct relationship between what I eat and how I feel. I have been a vegetarian for 5 years now, and have dabbled in eating vegan, gluten-free vegan, and even raw vegan during a time I needed crisis-level healing. While I am thankful for the physicians and medications which help me, I also believe in the healing nutrients found in plants. 


Mountain Mama

Food Maker

Plant Eater

Leukemia Warrior


Cooking as a family

As a mom, I take seriously my role in educating my daughter about food, nutrition, physical health, bodies, emotions and mental health. It's all connected. I also believe that kids are capable of more than many adults expect. At 8, my little sous chef could safely use a small chef knife, put food in the oven with help, and had learned a few simple recipes by heart. I see her pride, confidence and enthusiasm grow with every meal. Obviously, hers is a natural interest and she enjoys cooking with me. But it also grew, because we created a family culture of enjoying food, talking about food, exploring flavors, and teaching new skills. All kids (and their interests, physical capacity and safety/trust) vary greatly… even from day to day! Look for “Kid Sous Chef Job Ideas” in my recipes for ideas about ways to include little ones in the kitchen!

Happy cooking,